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String of Robberies put Residents on Edge

This past week there have been a number of robberies in one neighborhood in the city of Walnut. The neighborhood just below La Puente Rd and east of Lemon Ave has been selected by a group of criminals as their primary target for the past week now. Multiple residents have reported break-ins when they returned home from work or school. According to some witnesses there were a total of 4 large men who were terrorizing the residents. The four men would come to a house and make sure that no one is home and then quickly break in and take as much as they can in about five minutes and then hurry and leave before any cops could be called or arrive at the scene of the crime. However, on two instances, neighbors saw the men in action and called the cops before they could break-in, but the suspects were able to get away before the cops could get there. It is important to leave all of your doors locked when you leave the house and to install some type of security for your house for situations such as this. Police are still looking for the suspects and if you have any information that could help, then please contact the Walnut sheriff’s station immediately.

string of robberies

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