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Walnut Sheriff's Station

Located at 21695 Valley Blvd, Walnut, CA 91789, the Walnut Sheriff’s Station serves the residents of the cities of Walnut, Diamond Bar, Rowland Heights, Covina Hills and West Covina. Because this police agency is considered a Sheriff’s Station, it relies on the assistance of the Los Angeles Police Department for officers and assistance for certain jobs in the area.


Sheriff’s Stations are pretty small compared to an actual police department, but the effect they have on the community is just the same. The men and women of this Sheriff’s station are responsible for keeping a wide area of residents safe at all times even if they are not as large as other police agencies. This Sheriff’s Station is sometimes also called the Diamond Bar Sheriff’s Station mainly because it lies on the borders of the cities of Walnut and Diamond Bar. However, because of the size of the station, it does not have some of the divisions you may find at a police department.


The only services that this station provides are mainly the Traffic/Patrol Division, Detective Division, and the Administration division. For any other service, you would have to go to the Los Angeles Police Department or any closer Police Department to you. When you are arrested in any of the cities mentioned about, you will most likely be taken to this Sheriff’s Station where you will be booked and either await trial or held their until a loved one bails you out of jail.


Just because the Sheriff’s Station is smaller, it does not mean that the police are any less involved in the community. This station has a number of community outreach programs that you could attend or volunteer for. The Captain of the Station is Jeffrey Scroggin urges the public to consistently visit the station whether you have any question or if you would like to volunteer you time to help with any of the ongoing programs in the city of Walnut and its neighbors.


If you or your loved one happens to be arrested by a Sheriff in this city, then their case will most likely be sent to the West Covina Courthouse. The West Covina Courthouse is not located that far away from the Sheriff’s Station, but this is the place where the inmate will have to go to either fight the charges or admit guilt. If the inmate is going to get bailed out of jail, then he or she will be released from the Sheriff’s Station in Walnut, but if he or she is going to await trial, then the inmate will most likely be transferred to the LA County Jail.

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