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LAPD Chief Responds Stray Bullet Shooting Investigation

Charlie Beck, the LAPD Chief, held a press conference today in response to the shooting that involved an off-duty LAPD officer in his probationary period. The shooting involved LAPD officer Dave Lopez, who is still in his probationary period at the LAPD. The police have not released any new information regarding the incident, but Beck assured the public that the LAPD is continuing to investigate the incident. Dave Lopez has not came out to say anything about the incident other than that it was in self-defense and that his life was in danger. Beck promises the public that the police will find out the reason the weapon was used and why. He also said that once they do find out all of the facts and if they find out that the officer was in the wrong, then they will take the appropriate action. The Chief was asked for his opinion about the incident and he said that he will do the appropriate thing and not let the officer off easy just because he works for the LAPD.

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